I mostly grew up in Cincinnati and after graduating from high school in 2006, went on to further my education at the University of Cincinnati. While there, I studied digital art, everything from design principles in Photoshop and Illustrator to more complex programs such as 3ds Max. Eventually, I graduated with my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in 2011.

Shortly after graduating from UC, I decided to move out West to Los Angeles to pursue my creative passions. Not satisfied with my studies at UC, I decided to take a few more hand-picked classes at USC in LA, focusing on video game design and additional 3d skills in the program Maya. I've been here since the beginning of 2012 and split my time between various freelance art related jobs and miscellaneous acting related jobs. Working on such a broad range of projects has kept things interesting and fresh and, I believe, made me a more well rounded individual.

In my free time, I've enjoyed all the great attractions LA has to offer; the beach, the mountains, the great food and clubs. Typically, however, I enjoy the more simple aspects of life, such as cozying up in my computer chair for a rousing evening of video games while enjoying some take out and a good drink.